NetBytes March 13th, 2021

Tech/Networking by the numbers

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  • Cybercrime generates $1.5 Trillion in revenue each year

  • China Unicom closes the year with 70.8 million 5G subscribers

“According to the latest Atlas VPN research, cybercrime totals $1.5 trillion in revenue annually. In comparison to Walmart, the biggest US company in terms of earnings, cybercrime enjoys 3 times greater gains. Walmart’s income reached $514 billion in 2019…illegal online markets take first place with $860 billion in earnings per year…Trade secret or intellectual property theft earns more than half a trillion USD in revenue per year” Source, Atlas VPN Research

“Chinese operator China Unicom revealed its 5G user numbers for the first time since the telco launched the technology in October 2019, closing 2020 with 70.8 million package subscribers.

In its earnings statement, China Unicom noted that 5G customers accounted for 23.2% of its total customer base.

China Unicom also announced plans to boost its 5G capex in 2021 by 3% to CNY35 billion ($5.4 billion), working with network partner China Telecom to add 320,000 base stations to take their combined total to 700,000 sites by the end of the year.” Source RCR Wireless